• Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Fasa Flour Factory management considers customers as his greatest asset and puts the slogan “the customer is always right” as a priority of its work and tries to satisfy customers, observe their requirements and demands as well as rules and regulations.

Fasa Flour Company is one of the companies operating in the production of flour, the objectives of which are to meet legal requirements and agreements with customers about food safety, continuous improvement of the product quality, timely delivery of goods, customer satisfaction and also identify, evaluate and control of food safety hazards in all stages of the production, effective communication with standard health organizations in Iran through technical experts, try to establish a quality management system and food safety based on ISO9001:2015 and ISO22000:2018 and HACCP.

In this regard, Fasa Flour Company has considered the followings as its priority:

  • Try to reduce food hazards
  • The production in accordance with national and international standards
  • Improve the quality of products and increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase productivity with the aim of the company’s ability to compete with other companies on the global level
  • Increase the awareness and knowledge of technical personnel as one of the main assets of the company
  • The establishment of a quality management system, supply modern equipments, food safety control and receive relevant certificates

Active participation of employees in corporate governance and observing the principles of continuous improvement are the most important strategies of the organization to achieve the above objectives, and the company’s management has committed to meet the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and produce a healthy product and observeg GHP and GMP principles at all stages of the production.