Fasa Flour Company

Fasa Flour Company

Fasa Flour Company was established in 1987 in order to develop Fars industry and the production of industrial and bakery flour. This factory is located at kilometer 16 of the road to Shiraz.
Fasa Flour Company, with the daily production capacity of 500 tons of bakery and industrial flour, provides a part of daily need of consumers to this vital material.
Fasa Flour Factory has 53 employees and technicians in flour production, quality control, engineering, administrative and services. One of the goals of this center is to produce and deliver high quality products, in compliance with all international standards, to attract customers and consumers’ satisfaction; as well as improving the quality and diversify its products.

Strategies of Fasa Flour Company

  • Customer orientation and paying attention to the needs and demands of customers
  • Reducing costs as much as possible and effective management of the costs
  • Reconstruction and modernization of production lines to solve technical problems in production units
  • Expanding product portfolio to diversify products in order to achieve consumer markets
  • Using health standards to produce high-quality flour without pollution
  • Strengthening sales infrastructure by developing qualitative systems and improving marketing structures
  • Creating appropriate opportunities to compete with neighboring countries and the overall development of the export markets
  • Providing high-quality raw materials and reasonable prices and creating related channels in order to control international markets
  • Using mechanized equipments as well as regular planning in order to maintenance the production infrastructures
  • Improving the safety of personnel and staff to reduce accidents and preventing occupational accidents and diseases

Visions of the company will not happen, but in the shadows of:

Increase customer satisfaction and provide high quality based on customer demands.
Efficient use of equipments and regular planning of maintenance of production infrastructures.
Identify, manage and continuously improve the organization’s current processes.
Increase the level of production and ensure food safety.
Increase power and improve the competence of human resources through human resource processes.
Increase the safety of staff and stakeholders, reduce environmental hazards, prevent work-related accidents and illnesses.

The company management has committed itself to do its best in order to meet the requirements and comply with relevant laws and regulations to achieve the above objectives, and carry out its goals in the shadows of employee involvement.